insmod errors

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insmod errors

We are very new to linux and in fact we are in the process of installing it in the systems.

In one machine it shows the eth0 failed to start due to insmod error and could be IO or IRQ settings wrong.

Though i could ping to other machines from this one, i can't go for the higher services.
What is wrong and how can this be rectified?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: insmod errors


Your post has only a few technical information.

What is the distribution?
How did you know the insmod failed and the error messages?
Can you insmod/rmmod manually?
Did you specify "packet filterling?" in the install menu, if you are using RH7.1 or later.
Are you enabling xinetd services? (/etc/xinetd.d/name-of-service-file)

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