linux certifications

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shyam singh bisht
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linux certifications

can someone give me the informations about various LINUX certifications available. & which one is best .

thanks in advance !
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Re: linux certifications

I guess the following site might give you more details
Vitaly Karasik_1
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Re: linux certifications

More links: An Overview of Linux Certifications,39020445,2123398,00.htm Five reasons why LPIC outpaces Red Hat's RHCE

Vitaly Karasik, RHCE
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Re: linux certifications

Hi shyam singh bisht ï¼

RHCE/RHCT from Redhat
RHCA from Redhat

CLP from Novell


I consider RHCA is the best certification.:)
However, I like Novell SuSE linux. I will try CLP test.
I suggest you join RHCE certification. It's popular.

just for fun
Steven E. Protter
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Re: linux certifications

Red Hat is the 800 pound gorilla of the business. Their certification will probably be the most valuable to one's career.

But, the real test is hands on experience with the OS.

I have no certification whatsover, but four years of hard knocks experience administering a server farm that is exposed to the public Internet.

I'd match that experience against a piece of paper any day.

Steven E Protter
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shyam singh bisht
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Re: linux certifications

Steven & Nick

Thanks for giving important suggetions.
Andrew Cowan
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Re: linux certifications

I agree with SEP, here in the UK there are many exam centres offering LPI, however employers are only interested in RHCE/A.

I took a good look at LPI and think it more in depth and gerneic the RHCE, however a lot of the material deals with 2.3/4 kernels, and utilities such as ipchains, that are all but defunct.

I would say if you want to further your career, go Redhat. If you want kudos, and have a lot of time, go LPI.