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linux nx9010 text screen

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linux nx9010 text screen


I have installed redhat 9 shrike on nx9010.
X screen works fine after changing resolution to 1024 x 768. however when booting and when going to text screen (ctl alt f1) i have a reduced screen size. Any pointers would be appreciated

Stuart Browne
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Re: linux nx9010 text screen

I can't help you here ;) I have a similar issue on most of the ntoebooks I use ;)
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Thomas Bianco
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Re: linux nx9010 text screen

all TFTs are build at the factory with a specific resolution. TFTs are not capable of displaying multiple resolutions.

most TFTs (including the ones on laptops) generally utilize screen expansion (that is, making the smaller image from the video card into the prefered resolution by streching) but this is chunky and looks bad.

some TFTs (including the ones on laptops) will also simply draw a null border around the smaller image of the video card and center it on the screen.

look for an option about screen expansion in the bios, or a font button on the keyboard.

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