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linux xserver problems

Ben Wilson_4

linux xserver problems

i am new to unix admin, coming from nt admin, but i started using linux a few months ago. i have a certain disdain for exceed, and i was delighted to see so many people posting that using linux's xserver worked great, finally, an actual reason to use linux at work!

so i fired up my linux box, connected to the server, exported the display, ran xclock, pop! there it was, awesome.

ok, now "sam &". i get the splash screen, then:

"sam:Error: The cpp(1) command failed on file: /usr/sam/lib/C/fal.ui"

hmm. lets try "xomni &"

wow, there's the toolbar! ok, lets check some backups. crap:

"Internal error in ("/src/cs/csa/mcsa.c /main/r31_split/1":4211) => process aborted"

ok, so i have a clock, but the 2 apps i need to run, won't. can anyone help, or point me towards the path to enlightenment?

on a seperate note, anyone ever use cygwin's xserver on windows? i finally got it installed on win2k, but i can't figure out how to get the display to work.

Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: linux xserver problems

Hi there.
If you open up a xterm window, you should set the DISPLAY variable after wards.
Like :

export TERM=xterm
export DISPLAY=your_ip_address:0.0

Hope, i could help you.
Alexander M. Ermes
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Ed Ulfers
Frequent Advisor

Re: linux xserver problems

We use linux and exceed to access xomni without problems.

First, on the Linux server/workstation start X Windows (xstart) and allow DISPLAY access (e.g., "xhost +"). Now your XWindow can recieve any displays sent to it. (You may want to restrict xhost as you desire)

Second, log on the server that you want the screens displayed from. Remember is to log in with the full user profile (e.g., "su - root"), so all your environmental variables are properly set. Then, like the other gentleman stated, set the TERM and DISPLAY appropriately.

Finally, run the commands you desire and all XWindows based displays are sent to the site you specified. Any error messages are usually due to the software not being able to run on the server that it was initiated on (e.g., missing path or environmental variable or insufficient privilege to execute).

If this still doesn't work, send me an email with your phone number. Again we get it working here without issue.
-- Ed Ulfers, Festo Corp.
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Jeff Gunnink

Re: linux xserver problems

Which distribution are you using? I am using Redhat 7.1 with XFree86-4.0.3-5 and have zero problems exporting my display from the HP boxes and running sam, xomni, etc.
Perhaps you should upgrade the XFree86 on whatever distro you are using.

If you want to run X on NT, check out