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modems/email msgging

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modems/email msgging

hi all

we have a product called spatch and we use a local modem on a vclass to page out app errors
(Ora-,etc). now we re migrating to a superdome n it seems hp is getting away from modems (unless u buy a serial card). now i think we ll have to use sendmail to email server to cellphone/blackberry.

2 questions:
1. do any of u use the cell/berry option
2. is there any other (or better) way to go?

thx in advance
Mel Burslan
Honored Contributor

Re: modems/email msgging

our internal, critical failure notification system is purely dependent on paging people (all on skytel) using email.

the scripts for monitoring several events, when they catch any adversity, do something in the form of this:

echo "Whatever error message you want, type here" | mailx -s "HPUX Systems Critical Alert" unixadm-pager

where in the /etc/mail/aliases we have an alias for unixadm-pager as such:

unixadm-pager :,

with more than just 2 numbers of course.

So, if you can do this for skytel, I do not see any reason why you can not do it for blackberry or any other mobile messaging provided who accepts email messages.
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Re: modems/email msgging

You can do it without modem. If you have a exchange/lotus server, you can put that as smart relay in sendmail configuration. Once that is done, you can send email to cell/blackberry.

mailx -s "subject" < "message_file"

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A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: modems/email msgging

I regularly use email to send text messages to cell phones and it's nothing more than HOWEVER I would never depend upon email or network-based notifications alone because what's going to notify you that the network is down? If a message is not acknowledged within a certain period or if a massive network failure it detected then the system should use a modem to send a simple numeric page to a pager or cell phone. For example, if I receive a callback number that begins with '9', I know it is very serious.
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