need help installing redhat linux 7.3

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need help installing redhat linux 7.3

i'm new to linux but i'm willing to install it and start learning using it.

i have currently 2 os installed (dual boot) winMe on c:\ and winXp sp1 on d:
i have several partitions and 3 harddisks in total

motherboard is a GA-7N400Pro

primary hdd on SATA - winme & winxp and other partition

second and third hdd on ITE IDE 3 as normal ATA (not RAID)

Can I have triple boot?

if i can, how can i proceed and in what partition/hdd should i install it.

Also, how do i install drivers once linux is installed.
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Re: need help installing redhat linux 7.3

Welcome, is in order I see you are new in this forum

The first thing I would suggest is reading/printing the installation manual from

This will answer most of your questions if it is RedHat Linux you wish to install ?

There are other Distributions (Mandrake, Suse ...)

As this is your first question here pls also read carefully the part about points in your return mail

Keep us informed on if this is what you need ?

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Re: need help installing redhat linux 7.3

generally you can have a triple boot.
Simply insert first cdrom of your redhat installation to cddrive and boot your pc from it
When you'll get to the drive allocation screen
see that you don't destroy the partitions that you want to keep.

Primary Master disk is: /dev/hda
while the partitions on it are the following:
first partition /dev/hda1, second /dev/hda2 and so on...

Primary Slave disk is: /dev/hdb

Secundary master : /dev/hdc
Secundary slave : /dev/hdd

One of the options during the install will be where to install the boot manager-I suggest you to put it on the MBR ,i.e. replacing the current boot manager.It should copy the existing list of Operating systems to boot to the new boot manager.
Hope it helped.
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Re: need help installing redhat linux 7.3

If it is redhat 7.3 you realy want then

in my previous reply I send you a link to RH 9.0
as this is the latest RedHat distribution version.

I would go for version 9.0 unless you have a specific reason

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Re: need help installing redhat linux 7.3

Red Hat 7.3 is nice and stable, and a good idea, especially for slower systesms.

You can triple boot. The problem you have is that your windows install may not play nicely with Linux. You could be forced to buy partition magic to make everything play nicely together.

Or, you could wipe your system, and let Red Hat manage the dual/triple quad boot.

Though from a broad persepctive with 300 Megahertz Pentium II boxes going for $50 or less on ebay, you might want to have a standalone red hat box.

Red Hat is a good place to learn servers, web, httpd, ftp, nfs, samba. This kind of functionality is sort of full time, once you set it up, you don't want to lose it when you boot into Windows.

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Re: need help installing redhat linux 7.3

As you have stated that you are new to linux, if I were you I would try one of the "all on the cd" distributions such as:



Morphix ( I've heard good things about this one but I have not had the pleasure of trying it yet ):

This way you don't have to install anything, you don't need to mess around with disk partitioning or any junk like that as the OS lives totally in memory. They are memory hogs though, on my slow p3 400 knoppix 3.1 was fast enough to be usable but not amazing by any stretch.

By using a distribution like these you can easily see if you like using linux in five minutes without any install.

I hope that helps,

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Re: need help installing redhat linux 7.3

hi kenny,

i just completed my installation of RH 7.3 a few weeks back (successfully !!! ).
yes u can have a triple boot since u have a lot of partitions.
do read the RH manual as mentioned earlier.

when u r installing make sure u do not erase any existing partitions with data and your other OS.
and yes when the installation asks for the path to load ur boot loader do not put it in the MBR ( or uwont be able to boot into win )and instead choose the partition which have free for linux installation.
always have the boot disk for linux ( it really helped me a lot ) in case of any problems.

u can also do a search to find out the details. one of the links that i found useful is -

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Re: need help installing redhat linux 7.3

thank you for the reply, i will try it as soon as i get home :)