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oracle 9i upgrade to 10g in MC/SG

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oracle 9i upgrade to 10g in MC/SG

I have 2node cluster in MC/SG and there is active/standby oracle DB(9i) and this DB is not RAC. now I want to upgrade 10g , in this case does it necessary to upgrade MC/SG?
the version of MC/SG is 09 .
If you have any idea pls reply to me
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: oracle 9i upgrade to 10g in MC/SG

10g will probably not necessitate an upgrade of ServiceGuard.

It might however be a good idea to get SG into shape ahead of time. Since SG is on 11.14 or 11.15 right now thats leaves your 11.09 a wee bit out of date.

The place to check is

As far as upgrade approach goes, the 10g db upgrade process is far from simple. The data has to be converted as well. I'd practice somewhere and get your conversion technique dow so you can do an upgrade in a maintenance window.

Our last Oracle upgrade took weeks to complete the final data conversion. We were rolling out instances ever couple of weeks.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Indira Aramandla
Honored Contributor

Re: oracle 9i upgrade to 10g in MC/SG

Hi Chin,

Not sure if MC Service Guard 11.09 need to be upgraded for oracle 10g.

To upgrade oracle from 9i to 10g read the upgrade guide. Have good backup. Plan for the upgrade and perform in the development / traning environmnet and then upgrade the production environment.

Attached is a document describing the steps of upgrading.

I hope this helps.
Indira A
Never give up, Keep Trying
Slawomir Gora
Honored Contributor

Re: oracle 9i upgrade to 10g in MC/SG


I think that for normal (not RAC) instalation you can run with your MC/SG version.

For RAC instalation you need MC SG 11.15.

Re: oracle 9i upgrade to 10g in MC/SG

Thank for everybody!!
and Now I have found the consulsion about this problem.
In normal instance, there is no necessary for upgrade because 09 version can support 10gAS with H/W HA.
But now a day, 09 version is not saling product and the current version is 13,14,15.
so we can only find that the cetificated version starting from 13.
If there is any usage of RAC, Must use the MC/SG for RAC not MC/SG and the version must be over 13 absolutely.
In brief,there is no problem in 09 version with single instance with MC/SG(Active/standby).
But RAC must use the version over 13 (RAC can consist of active/active or active/standby).

Thierry Poels_1
Honored Contributor

Re: oracle 9i upgrade to 10g in MC/SG


no need to upgrade MC/SG??
Sorry, but I'm affraid that 09 is not supported anymore. So that's a very good reason to upgrade, especially when you are modifying the configuration.

All unix flavours are exactly the same . . . . . . . . . . for end users anyway.