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oracle conflict on unix servers

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oracle conflict on unix servers

hello all
i have oracle 8i running on HPUX server. i made a mirror from this server( server1) to another one ( server2), so that i will have identical servers with identical components.
i only changed the IP address of the second one (server2) , and when i tried to connect both servers on the LAN , server1 will be connected and server 2 will be disconneted , and vice-versa.
is there anything to be changed in oracle ? or is it a unix pb ?
Please HELP ..
Bejoy C Alias
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Re: oracle conflict on unix servers

Check whether the oracle listener is running on the second server on port 1521 ( lsof -i tcp:1521 ) , how u r connecting to the second server , using sql ? or through network clients ? . Is there any error messages ?
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harry d brown jr
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Re: oracle conflict on unix servers

Did you change the oracle tnsnames.ora file? Do both servers have different HOST names? Make sure both servers have different MAC Addresses:

do this on both to make sure they are different:

print_manifest | grep "LAN hardware"

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harry d brown jr
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Fred Ruffet
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Re: oracle conflict on unix servers

Both DB will have the same name and DBID. There's an utility to change this, but only since 9iR2...
Having the same DBID may cause problem if you want to copy the bases on the same server one day, or if you want to backup using the same RMAN repository.

As other said, also have a look at sqlNet config.
If you want to DBLINK betweeen the two, be carefull on the aliases you will be using.



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Re: oracle conflict on unix servers


can you post the output of: tnsping

from the client..

this can shed more light.

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Re: oracle conflict on unix servers

Use different alias names in tnsnames.ora of the client you are using to connect.

Volker Borowski
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Re: oracle conflict on unix servers

Do a "netstat -ni" on both nodes and check what is really configured.
Check for duplicate IPs.
Check syslog messages.

Once both systems are up and reachable in the net, you can start to worry about oracle. As said already, watch for adjusted SQLNET-config.

Hope this helps
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Re: oracle conflict on unix servers

Thanks all for yr reply, the problem is solved now, and it was MAC Address conflict "wiredddd". because of the mirror the two network card have the same mac adddress configuration file, once we drop the file and reboot the server the system create a new file with the right MAC address.