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oracle installation

Danny Pogi

oracle installation

hi guys,

would it be ok to install an ORACLE DBMS version for HPUX version 10.0 to a box having an OS HPUX 10.20?

Jean-Luc Oudart
Honored Contributor

Re: oracle installation

I suppose you is not a supported version of Oracle.
The closest I could find was 7.3.2 and is desupported (see below) :
Certify - Additional Info Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition ver: 10.20 On HP-UX


Operating System: HP-UX Version: 10.20
Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition Version: 7.3.2
N/A Version: N/A
Status: Desupported

Product Version Note:
None available for this product.

Certification Note:

The latest patch set is

fiat lux
Judy Traynor
Valued Contributor

Re: oracle installation

I believe it should be possible - Are you backing/up and restoring - simply copying, or reinstalling?

If you choose to do one of the former, you will probably have to re-link your executables (oracle executables).

I believe oracle has a script that will do that - but you may want to search to verify.

Good luck.
Sail With the Wind