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oracle process in RAC

Mohd Azahari

oracle process in RAC


i hv oracle RAC db on two nodes. My question is when i do ps in both nodes, the process memory is totally different? what is happen.


user:oracle pid:29892 szMb:68.9219 vsz:217344 args:oracleICCS1
user:oracle pid:29870 szMb:69.0664 vsz:217344 args:oracleICCS1
user:sfmdb pid:29793 szMb:1.26172 vsz:9440 args:postgres:
user:sfmdb pid:29784 szMb:1.26172 vsz:17568 args:postgres:
user:oracle pid:29783 szMb:68.7305 vsz:221440 args:oracleICCS1
user:sfmdb pid:29782 szMb:1.26172 vsz:17632 args:postgres:
user:oracle pid:29776 szMb:68.4023 vsz:217344 args:oracleICCS1


user:oracle pid:29991 szMb:210.828 vsz:217344 args:oracleICCS2
user:oracle pid:29986 szMb:210.297 vsz:217344 args:oracleICCS2
user:oracle pid:29984 szMb:211.812 vsz:221440 args:oracleICCS2
user:oracle pid:29983 szMb:210.676 vsz:217344 args:oracleICCS2
user:oracle pid:29935 szMb:210.699 vsz:217344 args:oracleICCS2
user:oracle pid:29842 szMb:211.051 vsz:221440 args:oracleICCS2
user:oracle pid:29828 szMb:211.547 vsz:221440 args:oracleICCS2

Any help is welcome.
Duncan Edmonstone
Honored Contributor

Re: oracle process in RAC

What version of HP-UX?

first off you probably want to compare kernel parameters (and maybe OS patch levels) between the hosts.

then I'd look at the output of "ulimit -a" for the oracle user on both systems and the outout of "chatr $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle" on both systems.




Mohd Azahari

Re: oracle process in RAC

Hi Duncan,

Thanx for replying.

HPUX version is 11.23 itanium.

I compare chatr output and both are the same.

Diff kmtune returns follows:
< ninode 165888 8*nproc+2048
> ninode 35648 35648

any ideas.