parallel Computing in Linux

Trent Bukowsky

parallel Computing in Linux

I have two seperate PC's running on linux 6.2. Is it possible to interconnect both of these two machines to function as one machine (ie. be able to utilize each others hardware resources.

If so I would like to know how this can be done. if somebody can give me a diagramatic outline of the physical connections involved and the hardware required I would be much obliged. Or just provide me with some links to sites where I can get information on the Hardware connectivity involved as well as software to be involved.


Jerome Fenal_1
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Re: parallel Computing in Linux


if you give a try to Mosix (, you will only need a (really) fast network interconnect.
But your 2 PCs won't be able to access same disk unless you use GFS (need Fibre-Channel too ?)
Anyway, please keep in touch with me if you find something interesting.


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Michael Worsham
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Re: parallel Computing in Linux

Something you might want to look into as well is called Beowulf ( as there are different applications like MPI that allow you to execute applications on different systems and make simple clusters for utilizing CPU and memory restraints.
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