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perl pop3 function for

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perl pop3 function for

Hi ,


I need a perl function to count the total number of messages in my gmail inbox using nte::pop3:sslwrapper


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Re: perl pop3 function for

As the name says, net::pop3::sslwrapper is a wrapper for net::pop3, so it should have all the functionality net::pop3 has.


The documentation for any well-known Perl module can be found at Here's the documentation for net::pop3:


Looking at the documentation, the popstat() method should be suitable. Or the list() method, if you also need the sizes of the messages.


If you want to know about folders other than the literal inbox, that is not possible: this is not a limitation of net::pop3 but a design limitation of the POP3 protocol itself. (To handle server-side folders, you need to use IMAP instead of POP.)