printing on linux

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wyan lowe
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printing on linux

what's the recommended way to print under linux?

I just installed "cups" from and seems to work ok

have redhat 7.0
laserjet printer on network using jetdirect card

installed latest rpm
rpm -i -f cups-blah-blah.rpm

very cool interface via web browser localhost:631

just figured out how to do:
lp -dprinter -ofp17 -ovsi6 file

in cups=
lp -dprinter -o cpi=18 -o lpi=8 file

what's even cooler is support for the options: -o number-up=1,2,4

which I don't think you can do under HPUX since there isn't support for PCL6(?) only PCL5(?)

the online docs are at

before, I was using a hack to print - echo some escape sequences (PCL from model script on HP) + filename | netcat printer 9100
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Re: printing on linux

Cups is the New Standard for Unix Printing. Cups stands for Common Unix Printing Software.

Cups does a Fine job under Linux.

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