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problem when using dbca to create a database

Deanna Tran
Frequent Advisor

problem when using dbca to create a database

I have this error when I tried to create
the database using dbca ORA-01092, instance terminated force..
what causes this? and why?
Occasional Advisor

Re: problem when using dbca to create a database

I also met this error using dbca to create db,so I just generate scripts,and use scripts to create db manually.may be your orapwd file or remote_login parameter need changed
Kawah Cheung

Re: problem when using dbca to create a database


What platform and what version of oracle are you running? If it is Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition on MS Windows NT
symptom: Errors creating database
symptom: ORA-01092: ORACLE instance terminated. Disconnection forced.
symptom: Database is created from using scripts which the Database
Configuration Assistant generated
symptom: Parameter remote_login_passwordfile is set to shared or exclusive
symptom: Oracle Database Configuration Assistant has not created a password
cause: <2012202>
When creating a database using scripts generated by the DBCA, the password file does not get created, therefore creation fails as the DBCA sets the parameter remote_login_passwordfile to exclusive by default.

Fixed in 9.2
Workarounds:Use orapwd to create a password file.
orapwd file=%ORACLE_HOME%\database\PWD.ora password=
or Set parameter remote_login_passwordfile to none

Hope this helps.
If in doubt, ask!
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Re: problem when using dbca to create a database

Hello deanna,

Searched the metalink database for you.
Hope this helps.

Best Regards

Doc ID: Note:159324.1
Subject: ORA-1092 Instance Terminated When Creating A Database Via DBCA
Content Type: TEXT/PLAIN
Creation Date: 29-SEP-2001
Last Revision Date: 04-JUN-2002

Problem Description

While creating a database with the Oracle Database Configuration
Assistant (DBCA), it fails with the following message:

ORA-1092: oracle instance terminated. Disconnection forced.

Reviewing the alert.log for the database, you find the following

ORA-00379: no free buffers available in buffer pool
DEFAULT for block size 8K
Thu Sep 20 07:01:46 2001
Error 379 happened during db open, shutting down database
USER: terminating instance due to error 379
Instance terminated by USER, pid = 15683
ORA-1092 signalled during: alter database XBMS open resetlogs...

NOTE: If the ORACLE_BASE environment variable is set, then
the alert.log will be in $ORACLE_BASE/admin//bdump.
If not set, look in $ORACLE_HOME/admin//bdump or
wherever you changed the BACKGROUND_DUMP_DEST database
initialization parameter.

Solution Description

Do not change the DB_BLOCK_SIZE if creating a database using one
of the Oracle9i templates which include datafiles. Go back in DBCA
and set DB_BLOCK_SIZE to 8k (8192).

If you need the DB_BLOCK_SIZE to be different then the default
of 8k, you will have to use the 'New Database' template instead.


The DBCA offers 4 Database Templates: 'Data Warehouse', 'Transaction
Processing', 'General Purpose', and 'New Database'.

Except for 'New Database', they all come with a set of pre-created
database files, commonly referred to as seed or starter datafiles.
These files were created with a DB_BLOCK_SIZE of 8k (8192). Once
created, the block size cannot be changed for these files.

The 'New Database' template does not include datafiles and it will
create the database from scratch.


Oracle9i Administrator's Guide, Chapter 2 "Creating an Oracle
Database", "Setting the Buffer Cache Initialization Parameters"

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