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problem with display on a netserver lh2

Occasional Advisor

problem with display on a netserver lh2


Have installed redhat linux 7.1 on a LH 2 netserver. 266mhz, 512mb, trident tvga90001 vga card.

I am having problems with Xconfiguration since I am getting the display on just 1/4 part of the monitor/screen. When I am trying to configure it manually it asks for the Clockchip of which I have no idea about. Can somebody help me with this?

I have attached the XF86Config-4 file.
Schelstraete Bart_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: problem with display on a netserver lh2


You configured a framebuffer device instead of your video driver.
I suggest that you use the xfree86 video driver.

Try running XConfigurator again, but with the SVGA option:
#>XConfigurator --server svga

If it still not works after doing that, use the standat xf86config script to configure your X, but remember to use the SVGA server.