problem with oracle..

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problem with oracle..

Hi everybody,

i m new to Linux but have to work Oracle on Linux i want to know that is there any thing
by which i can develop some user interface
to enter data in the Oracle DB? (such as Visual
Basic , Developer 2000 on Windows) If ys what should i do? Well i know some shell scripting.
Its urgent
Kodjo Agbenu
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Re: problem with oracle..


You can try to download Oracle developer suite at :

You must register first (free).

Good luck.

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Alexander M. Ermes
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Re: problem with oracle..

Hi there.
If you have the developer tools installed on a pc with Windows, you should be able to install the appropriate client software of the database version. This includes networking, sqlplus, odbc drivers and so on. This is just for basic things. You then can create sql-scripts, that can be started by shell-scripts.

If you want to develop more complex things, get the developer / designer suite ( forms, reports, procedures, queries etc ).
Alexander M. Ermes
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