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re : Redhat Linux help

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re : Redhat Linux help

Hi Guys,
Can anyone help, I have install redhat enterprise 5.1 onto a HP Elite Book 6930p. But, I just cannot get the fn key to work. Like fn+f4 key to switch the video to external monitor and fn+f8 key to display the battery icon.

Please help

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dirk dierickx
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Re: re : Redhat Linux help

these things are driver issues, depending on the video card in your laptop linux might be able to use an external monitor or not (mostly it does, but in some cases), have you tried the display manager to see if it recognizes your 2nd screen?
the battery icon is probably a piece of software on windows that takes care of that. you can bind your key to some action if needed, check the keyboard preferences.
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Re: re : Redhat Linux help

The "xrandr" command will probably allow you to switch the video, if your laptop's display controller is fully supported.

Run "man xrandr" to read the instructions for the command, then "xrandr -q" to see the available outputs and screen resolutions for each output.

Once you find the commands you need, you can bind them to any key you wish. If your desktop environment of choice does not have a key binding functionality, there is probably a separate hotkey utility that you can use.

"The battery icon" is most likely a software/driver feature in Windows. Most desktop environments have optional laptop battery monitoring applets available.