redhat 9 X problems

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Anthony Tyrell_1
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redhat 9 X problems

Hi guys,

wondered if you could help with what appears to be a very strange problem with a new install of Redhat 9. The gui is perfect right through the installation and first boot up etc, and I can login in graphically fine.

However, after the first reboot of the machine the login screen/prompt appears to have become corrupt. I.e. it cycles from text login to a blank screen (monitor clicking away) and back again. At this point I cannot login to the machine directly but have to telnet to it from another box.

I have tried upgrading the version of XF86 to the machine to no avail and I am really stumped by what could be going so badly wrong with such a NEW install. Furthermore this machine has been working fine with this install for a number of months and has only become a problem since I had to rebuild the machine last week.

The PC I have installed on is a Dell GX110 (P3 700,256mb ram, intel 32meg onboard graphics card) using a Sun 21in monitor.

Any ideas very much appreciated.
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Re: redhat 9 X problems

If I get this right when login at the X prompt (booting at level 5) the login screen cycles and you can not enter username/passwoed ?

You should not have to telnet to the system you should be able to loggin into a console by typing or any of the following F2,F3,F4,F5,F6.

I would then change the following line as root in /etc/inittab
change id:5:initdefault:
to id:3:initdefault:

reboot (level 3 no automatic gui start)
login a console
start x by using the following command

if this get you into X then then your problem is more to do with xdm then it has to do with the video driver/setup our such.

I would have a look into the files in /var/log/* specialy /etc/var/messages to see if there not any usefull info there.

if this does not get you on the way try post more info here so we can help

Smile I will feel the difference