redhat or suse -- plz help

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redhat or suse -- plz help

Hello Dear Experts

I have to suggest the OS(redhat or suse) for some servers running oracle 10g, Apache, IBM Domino, BEA Weblogic(AppServer), Authentication Server(like eDirectory etc), and Patch/updates Management servers.

Experts/support on both(redhat, suse) OS is available.

What I found is that suse is comparitively more attractive, because of eDirectory(which is free with suse enterprise), and I think ZenWorks is also free with suse enterprise.

What you Experts suggest
Steven E. Protter
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Re: redhat or suse -- plz help


The upcoming RH 5, due on February 28 has both of the features you mention. I can say based on the beta, RH has a lot of work to do. RH uses yum, which should permit easier patch mangement.

These are both first teir platforms and you will do well with either one.

RH's license policy which does not hold to the concept of a site license is backwards and should influence your decision. You can however use RH ES features at no cost of license with Centos. Remember the OS is open source, there is no reason to pay for it.

One of the reasons to be concerned with Suse is the relationship with Microsoft. Microsoft is threatening to enforce patents against Linux. These may have something to do with Samba, but Microsoft is not saying. I'm against rewarding the behavior of RH or Microsoft and am an advocate of Centos, which is a 100% binary compatible recompile. All they do is remove copyrighted graphics.

Steven E Protter
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Re: redhat or suse -- plz help

Hello Maaz!

i have experience with Red Hat.
I install Oracle, Apache and Bea WebLogic very easy.
We use Red Hat for all the project and it work fine.

I never try SuSE, but i know is little similar (es. rpm package).
IBM give a good support for Red Hat (it is a supporter), and you can be a certified tech.

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Re: redhat or suse -- plz help

I would use RedHat,or centos but I must say I have not used Suse for a longtime, I would not be so hard on ReadHat..., this because of fedora, but I do agree that Centos is also a good choise... the discution I think is more on support... Redhat no so cheap!, but then in larger project this is probably not very important financial issue.

Just my 2 Euro cent !

Jean-Pierre Huc
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Jerome Henry
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Re: redhat or suse -- plz help

Hi Maaz,

Most of our friends here seem to be more Redhat than Suse... well so am I !

I am not convinced by the Novell / Microsoft agreement on interroperability, unless the idea would be to re-write windows (lol). I also don't like much the write-and-publish-fast & be-slow-on-support logic I sometimes face on using some apps on suse (usually toys/tools though, not major applications).

Fully agree with SEP (hi !) that RH 5 has still a long way to go to be stable, but I like the interaction RH has with Fedora, which allows them to test new cool features and integrate them if they prove to be successful.

AS the biggest provider of Linux pro solutions now, they also have a really good expertise in Linux optimisation.

Of course, if you do not need support from them but just updates, CentOS is cool, just be aware than, even though they publish hotfixes quite fast, few days must be expected between RH hotfix and its availability at CentOS. Nevertheless, they are faster than the other clones I know.


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Re: redhat or suse -- plz help


If you are going the Linux way, RedHat should be the preferred path mainly for support and availability of the main software (and updates) that you are trying to run. (e.g. Oracle)

As for the free software available on SUSE, you can always install them in another stand-alone server and use them as you wish.

If you have enough financial resources, you may as well go for both...

hope this helps too!

kind regards

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Re: redhat or suse -- plz help


In contrary to all others, I use SuSE SLES8 for years now. We will upgrade to SLES 10 this year. We run our Oracle database on one server and the only thing I can say is that it is VERY stable. The new version is very user-friendly and very easy to install.
SuSE distributes ( almost daily ) patch updates for security fixes as well as functional enhancements. Installation is automatic and GUI guided.
Indeed, as mentioned, you could argue against the politics of Novell regarding Micro$oft, but then you deal with political matters, not technical...

For what it 's worth,
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Re: redhat or suse -- plz help

I would suggest that you install CentOS, a one-to-one replacement for Redhat. If you need support then you should buy a copy of Redhat, rely on their support and choose the renewal path. Redhat Network is very good and professional.
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Joakim Brosten
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Re: redhat or suse -- plz help

Hi Maaz,

Both distributions are good choices, they both include a lot of applications/features and has a wide support of hardware. In my opinion, it's a matter of taste, like running KDE or Gnome as your GUI. Both organizations has support of their distributions and I think neither of them are better than the other but this may effected in witch experience you might had in the past.
My proposal is that you look into what your applications are recommending, i.g. is there a recommended distribution for Oracle, Domino, etc? They might have another opinion besides the pure color of the car...

Good luck! /JB
JJ Scott
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Re: redhat or suse -- plz help

I'm a fan of RedHat/CentOS (in the lab) with our HP hardware (and mine at home) and have had great success.

Ease of automated, gui-less, pxe boot, kickstarted slim server installs - approx 220 packages with no local x ( but xlibs and fonts for ssh forwarded x - i'm not a big fan of desktops / gui apps on a server )

I use DAG's yam/mrepo as the os install / update & custom repositorys along with yum for software updates.

Also I have started using xen (RedHat 4U4 / xen 3.0.3 rpms) for the linux virt boxes instead of VMWare lately for ease of command line management, and have been very happy.