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regarding installation mysql

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regarding installation mysql

hello expert 


i had installed apache and php on hpux 11.31 server 

index.php page is open correctly


i had installed MySQL 5.5 on server


how can start mysql or configured on server.



please help me





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Re: regarding installation mysql

Where did you get your MySQL 5.5 from?


If you got it from or on a CD/DVD from Oracle (the current owner of MySQL), which package format did you use to install it? Did you use the HP-UX depot, the HP-UX binary tarball?


The official documentation for MySQL has instructions for both cases:


For depot-based installations, section 2.8.2 in the above document has the steps for the minimum configuration needed to make your MySQL database secure, and the command to start it. To allow MySQL to start automatically at boot, you may have to write a custom startup/shutdown script for MySQL. Section has some generic instructions for that.


In HP-UX, there should be a generic startup/shutdown script template in /sbin/init.d/template, or you can copy and edit one of the standard system startup/shutdown scripts. Please run "man 1m rc" on your HP-UX system and read the resulting man page to understand how the startup/shutdown script should be used.


Note that the official support for MySQL on Itanium hardware (including HP-UX) ended in April 2011:


If you got it from some other source, the package might include a startup/shutdown script, but you may have to install it manually and/or edit the script to suit your environment.


MySQL is very complex. You really should not run it as root, and if your server is accessible from the internet, you should configure it very carefully to make it secure before starting to use it. If there is a DataBase Administrator that knows MySQL on your site, work with him/her to secure the MySQL installation to suit your requirements.