reiserfs: Cannot read a block # 2

Oliver Zimmermann
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reiserfs: Cannot read a block # 2

I have a problem with a reiser filesystem. I am using two harddiscs (hda and
hdb). hdb is configured to be mounted to /home. Both, the main partition on
hda and hdb are a reiserfs.

For unknown reasons the system is gone "mad". Right now I could boot this
morning, the next time it does not work...

"reiserfsck" was able to detect and repair some problems on /dev/hda7, but
refuses to read or check /dev/hdb1, always aborting with the remark:
Cannot read a block # 2

Can anybody please help me?
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Cristian Draghici_1
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Re: reiserfs: Cannot read a block # 2

Try reading the following link. It seems to relate to your problem but from what I understand they see the problem as caused by bad blocks (is hdb an old HDD?)

Hope this helps