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remove and recreate lvol which is of Informix chunk

Tapas Jha
Valued Contributor

remove and recreate lvol which is of Informix chunk

Dear All,

I am having Informix 7.31 and hp-ux 11.00 on one of my Server.
What I am finding is that there are few Logical volumes which are created without mirror and without PVG-strict/distributed.
Few LVs are created with 4 disks of pvg1 (pvg strict/distributed) .
Few LVs are created on the first available disk which is /dev/dsk/c5t8d0 and there is hardly any free space left on this disk.

As there is less space in c5t8d0, we can not create new LVs in PVG-strict/distributed even though we have enough space in the other disks.

The only way to convert these logical volumes to PVG-strict/distributed is to delete the existing volumes and recreate them by using the following command.
# lvcreate -D y -s g -m 1 -L -n /dev/vg01

But this may have some limitations because most of them are used as raw volumes.

Can anybody tell us how to proceed for Informix part. If we remove chunks of Informix(remove lvol which is for informix chunk) and recreate the logical volume and then make the same name of chunks will it work on Informix?

We are using infornix ontape utility.
If any solutions are there please suggest with proper procedure (even how to restore database with command)

With regards
Tapas Jha
Devender Khatana
Honored Contributor

Re: remove and recreate lvol which is of Informix chunk


This can be done without recreating the LVOL & rather modifying them using lvchange command. Howeve it is not recommended as it will not ensure random IO from multiple devices.
man lvchange for details.

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