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restart dns client?

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doug mielke
Respected Contributor

restart dns client?

I was trying to fix an error in /etc/resolv.conf, and now DNS client cant connect to DNS server. I can ping it, but nslookup times out unless I remeove resolv.conf.
I moved my backup resolv.conf in place, same result.

Can I restart DNS client?
Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: restart dns client?

Hi Doug,

There is no client SW per se & resolv.conf is just read for every lookup. Bring up nslookup w/o any parms

Set the server IP manually - use the IP of your DNS server
Then lookup something
If you get no response or an error, then the problem is on the DNS server itself. If you get the proper response then set that IP up in resolv.conf
A typical resolv.conf looks as follows:


What was the error in resolv.conf in the first place, or what trouble were you having?

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doug mielke
Respected Contributor

Re: restart dns client?

I'll post details on Monday, but nutshell is, if I don't remove resolv.conf in my oracle startup script, my oracle wrb objects wont start. (same for stopping, ther're just not found)

and I am looking in 'files' 1st in all entries in the nsswitch file, ( just a copy of nsswitch.files with the addtion to go to dns for hosts if 'files' fails.
More on Monday, I have a DNS Server dragon to slay.
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: restart dns client?

What are the permissions on resolv.conf? Try setting to at least 444 and see if that helps.