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send mime attachments from command-line?

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Trever Furnish
Regular Advisor

send mime attachments from command-line?

Anyone have a straightforward solution for attaching and sending multimedia files (such as PDFs) from the command line via email (non-interactively)?

HPUX includes elm and a (barebones) version of metamail, but not the mailto utility from metamail.

Elm doesn't seem to support attaching files to a message via the command-line unless you run it interactively.

Installed pine, works fine interactively, but doesn't seem to allow sending a message non-interactively.

Installed mutt, seems to work, but the attachments are corrupt.

Am I missing something? This shouldn't be this difficult. What do you use? Manually compiled metamail with mailto?

Hockey PUX?
Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: send mime attachments from command-line?

Chris Vail
Honored Contributor

Re: send mime attachments from command-line?

This one is pretty easy. Use the default MUA mailx, and uuencode. The command is: uuencode /path/file /path/file|mailx -s "Subject"

This will attach your file and mail it. We use both mutt and mailx as our MUA, and both work pretty well.

Honored Contributor

Re: send mime attachments from command-line?

use uuencode..

uuencode filetobattached filename | sendmail emailid.

Suppose you want attach a pdf file from /home/dir to

uuencode /home/dir/filename.pdf filename.pdf | sendmail

Good Luck..
Rita C Workman
Honored Contributor

Re: send mime attachments from command-line?

There are a few ways this can be done....

Here's a thread that my give you enough options to try:,,0x41950559ff7cd4118fef0090279cd0f9,00.html

Trever Furnish
Regular Advisor

Re: send mime attachments from command-line?

Thanks, all!

Ten points to Pete for being the first to link to something that mentioned [include] for elm. Rita, yours would have gotten me there too, but Pete beat ya to it. But your link included mpack, another option - thanks!

For those suggesting uuencode, thanks, but I should have been more specific. Uuencoding is not quite enough for this app because only a small subset of clients will still seamlessly decode it.
Hockey PUX?