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Super Advisor DS line

Can someone tell me what the difference is
for relay DS:




They both work but what does $?m do?
Geoff Wild
Honored Contributor

Re: DS line

Usually, DS is set to just:


$m forces local domain?

Is this what you are trying to do:

# Direct SMTP connection with local domain: #
# #
# To deliver mail destined for hosts within the local domain directly, #
# while sending all other mail to the "Smart Relay" listed above, you #
# will need to uncomment the line in ruleset 0 following the comment: #
# #
# # See if we are supposed to deliver to hosts in the local domain #
# #
# Also ensure the $m macro gets defined. It gets defined internally #
# from $j macro. You can check if it is set by doing the following:


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