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robert sears_1

For someone who just learned of sendmails existance, what is the best way to edit the to close an open rely? Is there some type of editing interface program available? It is all greek to me.

John Palmer
Honored Contributor



The cynical answer is 'vi'.

One of the best reference sources on sendmail is the O'Reilly 'bat' book 'Sendmail' which runs to over 1000 pages!

However if you'd like to give some more information about what you need to do, I'm sure that someone on this forum will be able to help you.

James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor



The vi editor is your standard for editing text files. Do a "man vi" to get an overview of this powerful tool. Do a "man sh-posix" and look at the discussion under "emacs editing mode" for the emacs/gmacs editor.

Rick Garland
Honored Contributor


vi is the tool to modify the file directly. There is also the m4 preprocessor for sendmail. Still need to use vi to do the initial configuration but it allows you to compile a file. Once the new file has been tested and verified to work as expected, copy the old to a bak copy, copt the newly generated file into place and then stop/start the sendmail process.

As mentioned, the BAT book has a wealth of info. It is also a BIG book. There is info in there to tell you what the needs and how to work the m4.