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sendmail error

Occasional Contributor

sendmail error

sendmail -v mailaddress
error:220 entas1-smtp KBAS is ready
>>> EHLO hpux.sysinfo
>>> MAIL From: AUTH=root@+81w.sysinfo
553 root@hpux.sysinfo: Sender address rejected: not logged in
/dead.letter... Saved message in /dead.letter
Closing connection to
>>> QUIT
Rita C Workman
Honored Contributor

Re: sendmail error

If I understand this, it is saying that it can not identify the sender.
That would be 553 root@hpux.....

My guess is that the mail is being being sent to the 'outside world' and is rejected because the receiving mail server sees the user as "root@...". Many mailservers see this has a potential attack, and in some cases will actually 'blacklist' your domain if it sees too many of them.

Try this...from your UNIX box send a mail from 'root' to someone internally, so the mail never 'leaves the house'. If it goes that might tell you something. Internal mail servers are usually set up to accept internal mail, irregardless who they are from. But coming from external sources they start filtering for spam. Coming in from external source as 'root' is going to get it filtered.

Don't bother with doing the HPUX change my FROM to appear as a legitimate mail address, because there are other areas of the mail header that does not get fixed with that. A good filter will spot 'root' in other places of the header and drop the mail.

Now all of this is just my best guess that that is what that 553 line is.