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shyam singh bisht
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source code

Hi! all
I am new to linux & I need some help.
I have installed RedHat linux 8.0.

now when i downloaded the mozilla firefox for linux & tried to install it ,it gives the error 'glibc-2.3.5 required'.
I downloaded glibc-2.3.5 , now to install it i have to configure & make it.

please suggest how to configure & make this to upgrade the glibc.

any guide on installing softwares like this will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Alex Lavrov.
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Re: source code

RedHat 8.0 is a very old version. I suggest you to download Fedora Core 3. You'll have different problems with different new applications, because the libraries are just too old on your box.

Here you can obtain it:

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Hi Shyam,

Listen to Alex and forget the old Linux versions. Fedora Core 3 is the latest stable version ans Core 4 is in Beta. Mozilla is part of these distributions.
Also, my experience is that yum works better on Fedora.
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Re: source code

If u downloaded the source code, you can install it using configure, make , make install commands.
First unzip or untar the source code to some directory , cd to that directory , issue the following commands .
1. ./configure
2. make
3. make install
this will install with glibc with default option . ( this procedure is mostly same for all the source code downloads , also there will be a "Readme" or INSTALL file in the extracted directory where u will get more information )
But i dont think that glibc.2.3.5 will get installed in redhat 8.0 . if u downloaded the rpm , it is sure that it will complain about some dependencies and install will fail.
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Gopi Sekar
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Re: source code

if for some reason u want to stick with RH 8.0 then download glibc source and do ./configure, make and make install after extracting the source.

but RH already dropped support for RH 8.0 and the best bet would be to use FC 3.0 which is free and contains latest versions of all greatest applications.
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David Asgeirsson
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Re: source code


I have an old HP Pavilion with RH 8.0 installed on it, and I can still run the latest version of Firefox (1.03) without any trouble. I only have glibc 2.3.2-4.80.8 which was an RPM install for me, fixing a security hole. If you try to download Firefox (and Thunderbird!) from the website, it should automatically give you the correct version of the program to install. That might be faster and easier than upgrading the OS, especially if you have an old computer, and don't need newer libraries for anything.

- Dave
Ross Minkov
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I just want to join those who said Time to Upgrade! Red Hat does not produce ANY patches for the numbered versions. From security standpoint you should upgrade ASAP.

Girish Shetty
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Re: source code

Hi all,

From where can I down load glibc source code?

Stuart Browne
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Re: source code would be the home page.
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