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srvctl command does it down the package?

Fauziah Mahdan
Super Advisor

srvctl command does it down the package?

Hi all.
I have hpux11.11 install with oracle9iDB,rac and backup raw disk env.
I need to down the db and list before backup start by execute command srvctl stop -p prod.
When backup end will issue command srvctl start -p prod. My question is
1) Will the oracle package down when we issue this command?
2) will the package down if we reboot the server?

Fauziah Mahdan
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: srvctl command does it down the package?

Shalom Fauziah,

Answers:1 To be sure you need to test it. after issuing svrctl start -p issue echo $?
If the reply is a zero then it probably worked. For the sake of throoughness, identify the server process and check its status with a ps -ef |grep

Probably not without further intervention by the systems administrator.

You must first create a start/stop script in /sbin/init.d

Generally I make and modify a copy of /sbin/init.d/template as /sbin/init.d/oracle

Then you must issue in the script the correct command to start/stop oracle. This should be su - oracle -c "database commaned"

This switches to the oracle user, or whatever non-root user owns the oracle binaries. It must not be root. It then uses that user environment and starts or stops the database.

ln -s /sbin/init.d/oracle /sbin/rc3.d/S900oracle

ln -s /sbin/init.d/oracle /sbin/rc2.d/K100oracle

Creates soft links for automatic start and stop of the database to the script you just created.

Plan some debugging if you can't borrow the script from a working server.

The thing to remember about start/stop scripts is they are run without environment. The need PATH, they need everyting handled by the script author. Kind of like babies.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation