ssh without password authentication

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K.C. Chan
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ssh without password authentication

All, I've generated the rsa1 and dsa keys and copied it over to the respected authoized file, namely authorized_keys for rsa and authorized_keys2 for dsa. I am able to do "ssh localhost" without providing the password. However when I copied over the authorized files over to the remote server, and tried to log in from the remote server, I am being ask for the password. I tried changing permision of the authorized files from "0600" to "0644" and vice versa. But it doesn't seem to work. Both server are running RedHat 7.1. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
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Hartmut Prochaska
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Re: ssh without password authentication


thats just the wrong way around. With the public key in the authorized file, you allow the user from the host with the private key to log in on this host. Thus you can log into the remote host from your local host without password, but not the other way around, unless you move the private key to the remote host.