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strange - evolution default view is customized - why?

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Valued Contributor

strange - evolution default view is customized - why?

I am doing some homework

On SLES 10 SP 2 I have to install the evolution from SLED(enterprise Desktop) 10 SP 2.

on a system I installed evolution and all its pre-reqs, and then created the tar of all the directories created by evolution and other packages(dependencies of evolution)

I did the following

rpm -ql contact-lookup-applet >> newfile.txt
rpm -ql perl-Digest-HMAC >> newfile.txt
rpm -ql perl-Digest-Parser >> newfile.txt
rpm -ql perl-Digest-HMAC >> newfile.txt
rpm -ql perl-Digest-Tagset >> newfile.txt
rpm -ql perl-spamassassin >> newfile.txt
rpm -ql spamassassin >> newfile.txt

rpm -ql contact-lookup-applet >> newfile.txr
rpm -ql evolution >> newfile

then I create a tar via
tar cvf /evolution.tar `cat newfile.txt`

Now on any machine if I extract the /evolution.tar, it works, i,e evolution works quite fine.

the only problem I am facing is that when any user runs evolution(after pop/smtp configuration) following options are by default UN-check
1, Toolbar
2, Status bar
3, Side Bar
the above three options are available in View, so I have to enable the above options manually, by click on View > then click/enable Toolbar and "Status bar" and "Side Bar"

and I have to uncheck(disable) the "Hide buttons" options in View > Switch Appearance > Hide Buttons.

all of the above things are configured when we install via normall method(via rpm command or via YaST), but if I untar the evolution.tar, I have to do as above.

anyone can please help me in this.
Why evolution starts with a "customized view" ? why evolution doesn't starts with the default view ? how can I make it run with the default view

dirk dierickx
Honored Contributor

Re: strange - evolution default view is customized - why?

packages in linux (rpm & deb & others) are more then just a tar.gz file, if it were just that, they would be used tar.gz (like slackware). however, these packages also contain scripts, run during the installation, i suggest you take a look at the scripts for these packages, probably they setup something that allows/disallows these settings.
Valued Contributor

Re: strange - evolution default view is customized - why?

excellent reply Dear Dirk Dierickx

on the source machine(where I have installed evolution from rpm), I ran the following command
# rpm -q --scripts evolution
the above command shows me some output, I put that output in a file, then run that file on the destination(where i untar), and now evolution starts with the default(required/desired) options/view.

Thanks once again ;)

Trusted Contributor

Re: strange - evolution default view is customized - why?


Tweak the post-install script inside the evolution rpm via mc.

In Debian atleast the defaut install does not do a customized install.
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