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swinstall problem

Sonny Chee

swinstall problem


I want to install the C++ compiler on our V-class server (server is 11.i and I have the codeword), however, it is 100 miles away and I can't get there to put the application CD in. And we can't do NFS mount. So I tared up the application CD and ftped it to the server. When I untared it and do a swinstall, it says "there is no deport software on host". Am I missing something? Can I download product B3913DB from a site?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Mark Vollmers
Esteemed Contributor

Re: swinstall problem


If you have the file and it has the .depot extension, then you should be able to tell swinstall where to look. In the first window, go to local drive, and type in the full path to the file. It should accept it and then you can finish the install.

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S.K. Chan
Honored Contributor

Re: swinstall problem

You got to do a few things first ..

# /usr/sbin/swagentd -r &
==> restart swagentd
# swreg -l depot
==> register the mountpoint as a depot

Now run swinstall again ..
nancy rippey
Trusted Contributor

Re: swinstall problem

The depot should be registered. To register it
swreg -l depot depotname

depotname must be the full path name to the depot.

Hope this helps.

Sonny Chee

Re: swinstall problem


I untared the application 1 CD into
directory /u015, then I run

swreg -l depot /u015

And it still says "there is currently no
depot software on host"

I can see all the directories on /u015
like the ones on the application CD,
why does swinstall or swreg see the

Life is too short to spent on solving Unix problems, ask the forum experts.
Heiner E. Lennackers
Respected Contributor

Re: swinstall problem


if you have a application cd it is already a depot. So just do:

mount -r /dev/dsk/cXtYdZ /cdrom
swreg -l depot /cdrom

swinstall -s systemA:/cdrom
- enter unlock code if neccessary
- select software
- install software

swreg -u -l depot /cdrom
umount /cdrom

if you have a depot-file then just copy it to systemB and do:
swinstall -s /path/to/software.depot
- see above

if this makes any sense to you, you have a BIG problem
Sonny Chee

Re: swinstall problem

Thanks for everyone's help, I found what the problem is, I tared up the application CD on a Solaris server
and it does not do well with uppercase.

Life is too short to spent on solving Unix problems, ask the forum experts.