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sybase sizing tools for hp-ux

Marvin Diaz
Occasional Contributor

sybase sizing tools for hp-ux

Hi everybody,

Can anybody help me on how could i sized-up a machine HP9000 with a sysbase as to be installed.

I need the requirements for disk and memory and such other resources for the application.

I also need the resources aloted for each user for each connection.

Marvin Diaz
William Wong_2
Trusted Contributor

Re: sybase sizing tools for hp-ux

There lots of different factors that need to be taken into consideration for sizing an HP system for any application. Databases such as Sybase there are the following factors to consider:

1) How big will the database be in terms of disk storage?
2) Will it be used for OLTP or OLAP?
3) Will it be used for a data mart or datawarehouse?
4) Is it going to be used as the storage for an application server?
4) How many concurrent users will be accessing the database?
5) Will the users be performing a mixed workload ie. (queries, reports, transactions)?

There's plenty of other factors to consider. But I don't think anyone can help you with sizing an HP9000 system without further information.