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syslog messages

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syslog messages


i get a error in syslog.log , some body can help me to know wich device send this error.

SCSI: Unexpected Disconnect -- lbolt: 51928391, dev: cd013000, io_id: 114a551

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Re: syslog messages

Check SCSI devices with IOSCAN
whether there is UNCLAMED devices

A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: syslog messages

The key is decoding the device: the first two hex digits (CD hex = 205 decimal) are the major device number. Do an lsdev and find what device corresponds to 205 (stape?). The next two hex digits (01) are the controler instance number, c1, the next hex digit (3) is the SCSI ID or target (t3), the next hex digit (0) indicate the LUN (d0) and the final hex digits are driver dependent. In any event,
You need to find the tape device (if stape = 205) that matches c1t3d0 so look for /dev/rmt/c1t3d0xxxx and that is your boy.
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Ken Grabowski
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Re: syslog messages

Hi Isaac,

Obviously it is a problem with a SCSI dev. I would suggest you use the ioscan command to find the device with a match dev: value.

If you don't know the class of the device I would suggest starting with "ioscan -fun" and look through the output. If you want to narrow it down a little most SCSI devices are either disk or controllers. you could try "ioscan -funC sctl" or "ioscan -funC disk".