Re: touchpad & notebook

Eduardo Ligeiro
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touchpad & notebook

dear linuxers ...

as i know u r more familiar with drivers development/devices characteristics, i come here to ask for help.

i apologyze, cause it is not the right room to place it, but i trust in your knowledge and effort to solve problems :)

well .. i have an acer extensa 710T notebook and as i installed windows 2000 professional, the touchpad is not recognized !!!

and worst, acer ignores me, tells me the driver is not available.

as i try to add new hardware under win2k, it neither shows me the pointing devices option.

can anyone help me?? i REALLY need to use the touchpad.

thks in advance.

have u experienced Conectiva Linux ??
i'm a brazilian certified professional.
if u ever need any info about it, i'll be there
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tony j. podrasky
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Re: touchpad & notebook

I suggest contacting the website of the manufacturer of the notebook and seeing if they have a down-loadable driver for the touchpad.

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