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hey thank you all i have find alot from you guys but i need help in this one to (udf) when i am trying to burn a file it gives me this "one of the file to be added is larger than 2 GB, if you add this file the disc will only be readable under windows 98, 2000, and xp ( the UDF file system will be used). do you want to Proceed?" and that's what it says when i try to burn that file, cause it is a game file and i can't burn it as an image, cause when ever i try to burn it as image it says it is not possible you have to use the UDF system to burn these kind of files, but any ways my real questions is that if i procceed to the command that it give me first time would that make it any bad, can i browse my DVD again? or not is it going to work or no ? pleas i need help
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Is this really a Linux question ?

Learn and explain...