upgrade apache and openssl

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upgrade apache and openssl

i want to upgrade apache from 1.3 to 2.0.52, and openssl to 0.97f, what need i to deal with?
can give me some tip? high points!!!
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Re: upgrade apache and openssl

i enviorment is mysql+apache+openssl,
what files need i backup first? thx!
Adisuria Wangsadinata_1
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Re: upgrade apache and openssl

Hi Michael,

In my best practice, is do backups :
1. ignite/UX backup. So if everything happen on your system after upgrade the software, you can revert back to the previous one.
2. full backup system, can be done by fbackup commands or other backup management software (eg. Data Protector, Veritas).

Hope this can help you.

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Re: upgrade apache and openssl

good! anyone else?
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Re: upgrade apache and openssl

any other?
Steven E. Protter
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Re: upgrade apache and openssl

Ignite backup is a must prior to installing software.

back up the httpd.conf files, the my.conf file and the openssl conf file.

The directives in apache 1.3 are not compatible with 2.0.x and you will have to take any customizations and manually put them into httpd.conf taking into account the incompatabilities.

You should back up certificates and web content, but all but the most complex custimizations should look good after you convert the apche server.

Prepare a backup plan, perhaps run critical websites on a temporary server while you thoroughly test the systems after the upgrade.

Have a written test plan so when you tell your boss everything works you'll know everything that was on the test plan at least works. The first thing people ask when things go awary, is why wasn't it tested. Don't fall into that trap.

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Re: upgrade apache and openssl

==>Ignite could be taken as a precaution thing and follow the url u can get the clearcut on your doubt and installation instruction also

For Openssl follow the url

for Apache 2.0.52 :

Hope it helps