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upgrade command

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upgrade command

I would like to upgrade some linux command eg. gzip, tar etc , can suggest the web address that I can download such rpm files ? thx in advance.
Jerome Henry
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Re: upgrade command

Most of the time theyr are included in your distro, if you need a lot of upgrade, the best is to upgrade your system.
Asking for rpms means that you use a Red Hat like system.
Good sources are :
If the rpm exists, it's here !
And :
If your distro is recent enough, you'll find recent rpms there.

To upgrade your system, you can use :
rpm -Uvh*
or replace * by the package you want to update.
Happy download :-)
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Balaji N
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Re: upgrade command

from the word rpm i guess you are using redhat.

in that case, configure up2date and use it for updating packages. this is the easiest way. but if you want to update more than one system i guess u need to get registered with rhn. (i mean it is not free as in free beer).

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Matthew Couper
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Re: upgrade command

I've found installing apt-get for Red Hat to be the easiest way to update the system. you can get it from

They support Red Hat from 6.2 to 9 so unless you are using a really old version it should work for you.

Once you get the RPM installed, type "apt-get update" to update the sources, the "apt-get upgrade" and it will upgrade all the installed packages to the current releases. If you've ever used Debian this is exactly the same (but uses .rpm and not .deb, of course ;))

For kicks try "apt-get moo"