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what about weblogic?

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what about weblogic?

Dear what about weblogic?i installed at hp 9000 series server.our backend team changed ip address for weblogic as well as sever ip?now weblogic is working .but where i would get startup file for weblogic?how to knw the status?how to start the services at manually?which is the file to start the services?

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Re: what about weblogic?

> where i would get startup file for weblogic?

Essentially, you must write it yourself.

This is written mostly for Weblogic on Windows systems, but some of it will apply to Unix too:

The Weblogic installation contains an example script, typically at /opt/bea//server/bin/ You could copy and modify it to fit your requirements, or write your own "wrapper" script that sets all the necessary environment variables and then calls that script with the correct parameters.

If you want to have the Weblogic start automatically at system boot, the startup script must conform to certain requirements: type "man rc" on a HP-UX system, and you will receive a description of these requirements. (Essentially, a common SysVinit-style startup script with some small HP-UX specific extras.)

If you have implemented Weblogic Node Manager, you will need to only start the Node Manager; the Node Manager will start the actual Weblogic processes. Please see the paragraph titled "Daemonizing Node Manager For UNIX Systems" in this document for Weblogic-specific tips for writing a startup script for the Node Manager:

> how to knw the status?

Use "ps -ef |grep java" or something similar to see if the process is running.

For more information, use a web browser to connect to the Weblogic Console:

There is also a Java-based command-line tool "weblogic.Admin" which could be used for some checks and admin operations. Please see:

> how to start the services at manually?
> which is the file to start the services?

Starting Weblogic is a complex issue with very many options. I hope you documented the commands you used to start it the first time.

Please see: