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Which PARISC system support ssh console access

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Which PARISC system support ssh console access

Which PARISC system support ssh console access
I am having following servers in my setup. Can i configure ssh access for console for these servers?


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Re: Which PARISC system support ssh console access

Only the server models with a MP service processor can have SSH support, if the MP firmware version is E.03.13 or above. Even then, the SSH support for the MP may require a license code.

9000/800/L3000-8x (aka rp5470) and 9000/800/L2000-44 (aka rp5450) both contain an older-style GSP service processor, so configuring SSH console access for them is not possible without some external hardware.

This page seems to contain a list of servers where a SSH feature for MP (also known now as iLO) is available, either licensed or as a standard feature:

The 9000/800/rp3410 apparently can have SSH support if the license code (product AB500A) is installed to the MP.

9000/800/S16K-A (aka rp8400) and 9000/800/rp7410 are not listed: apparently their MP hardware/firmware versions won't support SSH. Perhaps someone else can confirm?

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Re: Which PARISC system support ssh console access

On the 7410 there is no ssh that I know of but Version 4.25 (may be earlier ones too) has the support for ssl when using the web interface see the ES enable , DS disable and CG generate key pair commands and also the EW and DW commands .


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Bill Hassell
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Re: Which PARISC system support ssh console access

Only the very latest servers have ssh available. The rest have a trivial (not secure) user/password with no restrictions. Most of the servers have an external button to reset the GSP/MP port which also compromises security. Your data center should always treat remote processor controls such as GSP/MP,iLO, DRAC, etc as well as all routers, switches and firewalls as completely non-secure and must never be connected to a company network. Instead, create a separate subnet that is completely isolated (no router) and connect to this subnet with a highly secured server that spans the maintenance LAN to the company LAN.

Processor and appliance configuration connections are susceptable to denial of service (such as remote power off) and almost none of them can be upgraded to an OS-level of security. It's best to isolate these ports and strictly control access with a high security server.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin