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Re: Netscape Directory server install problem


Netscape Directory server install problem


I have problem installing the Netscape Directory server I downloaded form www.software.hp.com.

here is the error message:
Converting slapd-c2x176 to new format password file . . .
Copying new schema ldiffiles . . .
Starting slapd-c2x176 . . .


Start Slapd Starting Slapd server reconfiguration.
Fatal Slapd ERROR: Ldap authentication failed for url ldap://c2x176.dev.cr2.st.com:17665/o=NetscapeRoot user id admin (151:Unknown error.)
Directory Server installation failed!

I also noticed that I don't have the stop/start-admin script in directory (called by /sbin/init.d/Nds-admin)

Thanks for your help!!
Jerome Baron
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Re: Netscape Directory server install problem


I have found a similar case like yours, fixed by
"Added fully qualified hostname to /etc/hosts".

So do the following:

1. swremove the Netscape Directory Server product you have installed.
then make sure /var/opt/netscape/servers/ no longer exists.

2. re-swinstall the Netscape Directory Server.
Make sure there is no error message.

3. Re-run "./setup -k"

Best wishes,

Robert-Jan Goossens
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Re: Netscape Directory server install problem


Found this on the netscape homepage,

LDAP authentication error causes install to fail.

If you are installing Directory Server in a network which uses NIS naming rather than DNS naming, you may get the following error:

ERROR: Ldap authentication failed for url ldap://incorrect.DNS.address user id admin (151:Unknown error.)

Fatal Slapd Did not add Directory Server information to Configuration Server.

ERROR. Failure installing Netscape Directory Server. Do you want to continue [n]?

This error occurs when a machine is not correctly configured to use DNS naming. The default fully qualified host and domain name presented during installation is not correct. If you accept the defaults, you receive the LDAP authentication error.

To successfully install, you need to provide a fully qualified domain name that consists of a local host name along with its domain name. A host name is the logical name assigned to a computer. For example, mycomputer is a host name and example.com is a fully qualified domain name.

A fully qualified domain name should be sufficient to determine a unique Internet address for any host on the Internet. The same naming scheme is also used for some hosts that are not on the Internet, but share the same namespace for electronic mail addressing.

Hope it helps,

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Re: Netscape Directory server install problem


I just experienced almost the same problem, that the start/stop-admin scripts(?) simply don't exist.
However, the slapd runs and as far as I got no other errors/problems occured. I do have the FQDN in /etc/hosts and DNS is being used for name resolution.

Maybe can somebody just mail me the missing scripts - hoping that this works :~)?
Many thanks,