3par host sets

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3par host sets

Can the createvlun matched set command be used with hostsets?


The 3.1.1 cli reference guide only states host and port. I would like to use  a host set and multiple ports for lun masking.


createvlun [options] <VV_name | VV_set> <LUN> <node:slot:port> <host_name>


currently esx vmfs volumes are presented on specific ports and Windows LUN presented on differnt specific ports.


Can I assign hosts to host set

assign vlun to host set

assign vlun to ports


The above matched set command taken from the cli guide is for singular hostname and port.







Sheldon Smith

Re: 3par host sets

First, the 3.1.1 CLI Reference Manual states:
Host set:
• createvlun [options] <VV_name | VV_set> <LUN> <host_set>

Second, in the long run you are better off controlling what ports a host (ESX v. Windows) is using at the switch and not inside the 3PAR. You already have zones set up for the servers to the 3PAR. Having a single place to manage port control will simplify things. The switch zoning can be either single-initiator single-target or, single-initiator multiple-target.

Last, add hosts to a host set with the "createhostset" command.

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