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SSMC Multi array dashboard login issue

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SSMC Multi array dashboard login issue

After adding 2 arrays 7400 & 8400 to ssmc 3.8 .

In dashboard i can only access one array a time 

I guess because of paswwords are different any idea how about to manage two systems in the same time .

When i log in with other array credential i am disconnected from first one 


Re: SSMC Multi array dashboard login issue

Hello @Malik3,

Generally, SSMC will let you access multiple systems.

1. Please go to 'systems' dropdown from the dashboard (or any other option in the main menu) and verify the checkmarks are ticked for both systems.

2. Please remove and re-add both the systems.

3. If the issue still exists, try to have common password for both the 3PARs.

Srinivas Bhat

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Re: SSMC Multi array dashboard login issue

You need to connect the arrays with the same credentials (user name and password)

Quoting from the SSMC 3.8 User-Guide, page 18, FAQ section:

When I log in to HPE 3PAR MC, I can manage multiple storage systems that have different security credentials. Can I do this with HPE SSMC?
No. To manage multiple storage systems, each connected storage system must have the same security credentials (user name and password) that are used to log in to the HPE SSMC Main Console. For more information, see the HPE SSMC Administrator Guide.

Hope that helps.

Adding some more information:

SSMC itself does NOT maintain user-credentials. It just acts as a 3PAR-GUI frontend.

If you login as a user into the SSMC-GUI, then SSMC checks the credentials against all the connected arrays, like if you would have logged into the array itself. If a user does not exist on one of the arrays, or if the password is different, then this array will not show up in the dashboard. 

The same applies to the case when LDAP is used. SSMC does not query the LDAP server when you login, instead it will be the array(s) that does this.

There is only one exception to that rule and that is when you add an array via the ssmcadmin-account (administrator-console). The credentials that you specify there are stored in SSMC. They are used when SSMC needs to collect/run reports while nobody is logged in.



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Sheldon Smith

Re: SSMC Multi array dashboard login issue

An instance of SSMC provides a management interface to multiple HPE 3PAR and HPE Primera storage arrays.

It uses the credentials entered to filter which systems an admin can access.

Alice supervises an environment with multiple storage arrays. One through Seven. She needs access to all of them.
Bob supervises just the non-prod systems, Three, Four and Five.
Alice and Bob each have their own username and password on the systems.
Bob has the same credentials on Three, Four and Five.
Alice has the same credentials on One through Seven, including Three, Four and Five.

SSMC itself needs credentials so it can monitor the systems, perhaps generate a scheduled report, whatever. SSMC just needs each system registered with at least read credentials.
Over the years, I've seen quite a few customers with systems where they used the expedient method of registering their system(s) in SSMC with ID 3paradm. If and when they need to change its password, they also need to remove and re-add the system(s).

To eliminate that, Alice decides to add a read-only ID, "SSMC", with a nice long random password. She then logs in to each system:

  1. She adds local user SSMC with read role and the nice long random password.
  2. She makes sure her username and password are the same on all 7 systems.

She then logs in to SSMC as the SSMC administrator. She removes each system and adds it back using the SSMC credentials.

She logs out of SSMC administration and logs in with her credentials. She can manage all 7. If she thinks her password has been compromised, she can log in and change per password without having to change the SSMC registration credentials.
All seven systems have the SSMC credentials. All seven systems have Alice's credentials. Only Three, Four and Five have Bob's credentials. Depending on who logs in to SSMC, they get a view specific to their ID.

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Re: SSMC Multi array dashboard login issue

Thank you that was very helpful