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Boot issues N4000-55

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Boot issues N4000-55

I am having a strange issue with an N4000-55. I inherited this box and I had to change the following to get it to boot properly


-2 Power supplies (#0 and #1)

- CPU #7

- Power monitor board.


The machine booted fine and then I after 3 days it crashed and would not boot up.

In the GSP I was getting the following error.


SYSTEM NAME: n4000two

DATE: 01/01/1970 TIME: 00:02:34   <--- Notice date is wrong

ALERT LEVEL: 6 = Boot possible, pending failure - action required



SOURCE: 4 = power

SOURCE DETAIL: 4 = high voltage DC power  


PROBLEM DETAIL: A = failed or disconnected


I did change again PS 0 but to no avail. It still in the same situation, It does not want to boot or power up in the GSP.


I get the following message.


  The system did not respond to the Power-On command.

  Turn the system power switch Off and On again to reset the system.


Even if we manually disconnect the box from power, repower it from the switch, there is no change.


PS shows the following:


Power Monitor Status:

Firmware Revision : 3

System Power state: Off           Power Switch      : On

Temperature       : Normal        Selected fan state: Normal


          Power supplies          |  Fan

 #  State          Type           |  States


0  Normal          Type 0         | Normal

1  Normal          Type 0         | Normal

2  Normal          Type 0         | Normal

3    -                -           | Normal

4    -                -           | Normal

5    -                -           | Normal

6    -                -           | Normal

7    -                -           | Normal


I am stumped at this stage any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Could it be the main board?

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Re: Boot issues N4000-55

Not sure if you still have this issue or not....


The error message indicates a problem with HVDC, which is the power supplies, and PS0 is mentioned.  You mention you have replaced PS0 and looks like PS 1 as well?  Even if it were an issue with the AC line or AC filter, the system should be able to power on with one missing/faulted PS.  That leaves the power monitor board as suspect.  It may have faulted again.


I would also suggest pulling everything out except for PS0, CPU 1, CPU support module 1 and DIMMS 0A/0B on mem carrier 0 and see if that changes any symptoms.  If nothing changes, swap out the CPU, CSM, PS and memory carrier for other ones you already pulled out and try again.  if you get some combintation to work, then you need to build it back up slowly and hopefully find a faulty component.


Aside from all that, you may indeed be in need a replacement system board.


Good luck!







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Re: Boot issues N4000-55

Thanks Bob,


As you suggested I'll do a gradual build up and see where it takes me. I'll let you know.