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Relocation of HP 9000/800 or Replacement

Wolfgang Valtin
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Relocation of HP 9000/800 or Replacement

Some may be stupid questions from one who comes from the application edge.
We've a older HP9000/800 with an HP UX 10 and Oracle 8.1.7.. On that one is a small SAP-system running (productive).
Now we've to relocate or replace this server.

- Are there services to relocate such an older server (the guys from the old location doubt, that it ever comes to live after relocation) ?
- Would it be more effective to replace this server with a newer (smaller) one. What would be the appropriate procedure to migrate the application.
Adisuria Wangsadinata_1
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Re: Relocation of HP 9000/800 or Replacement


If you talking only to move the server from location A to location B. I'm quite sure that the machine will be come live after relocation. All you need to concern is move the system carefully and re-attach all the cable in the same position.

If you need to replace the server with the new one, you need to make sure that the Oracle 8.1.7 can run on new version of HP-UX (which is HP-UX 11.X, or you need to upgrade also the Oracle). Plus you also need to make sure the SAP can run on the new version of HP-UX (otherwise you need to update the SAP also). If everything already prepare carefully and you have a good backup, you can replace the server with less problem.

If you need to move the location of the server and replace with the new one. This will be better, since you will have the opportunity to test the new server first before it's comes alive (going to production).

Hope this information can help you.

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Re: Relocation of HP 9000/800 or Replacement

Hi Wolfgang,

Since you say it is HP-UX 10, It is the right time for considering the replacement option.

By this way you will ensure that the OS, Oracle, SAP and the hardware are all in suported state.

HP-UX 10 is not definitely good to continue with. If you have a replacement server (Hopefully a newer one), Then you can plan for the installation and migration tests before you actually switch from old location to new one. Application migration depends upon the complexity of the application. You may have to check the application documentation for the same.

If you want to persist with HP-UX 10, then a new location might have different network configurations. You may have to deal with that. But changing IP address is simple from the OS.

With regards,
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Mel Burslan
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Re: Relocation of HP 9000/800 or Replacement


As HPUX is nearing its end-of-life, just from the support perspective, it would be a wise move to go to a newer and much smaller model server running hpux 11.23.

In addition to the support advantages, you will recover rack space as rp or rx 34xx models are taking up a mere 2U rackspace. It will be more efficient from electricity consumption and heat dissippation angles of view as well.

HP has consulting services which can help you relocate your database and SAP into the new hardware and OS. And I am sure you can find the same service from an independent vendor from outside as well.

Hope this helps.
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Wolfgang Valtin
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Re: Relocation of HP 9000/800 or Replacement

Thanks to all. Think we'll replace this old iron.