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Rp 7410 issue

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Rp 7410 issue

HI all

when i tried to update firmware power got recycled due to pwer issue. now the pdc version is showing 255.255. i tried updating the firmware again its telling the cell is not powered ON. i tried to enable the poweron its not coming up. please i am waiting for some tips

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Re: Rp 7410 issue

Its better to contact HP Support immedatly,
During the firmware update process, do not reset or move the system, mount or eject media,
interfere with reboots, or remove power (unless instructed). Any of these actions can cause the
firmware update to fail and can leave the system in an unstable state.
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Rp 7410 issue


I agree with the first poster. This is one of those situations where we're the general practitioner, and you need a skilled surgeon.

Hopefully you have hardware coverage. Either way, HP should be able to fix it, or replace the cell board.

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Mike Murray_1
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Re: Rp 7410 issue

Try removing all the power cords for about 60 seconds. Plug it back in and then try to redo the fw update. Make sure you put it in "RR" before you start the update.
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Re: Rp 7410 issue


i am waiting for the cell board option is we need to replace the cell board

i have one doubt

previously i had 2 cell board and 16 pci slots now 1 cell baord 16 pci slots. but now its not detecting the 8 pci cards. what i need to do for detecting this cards?