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Superdome 9000 Cell to IO chassis connection

stephen peng
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Superdome 9000 Cell to IO chassis connection


we both know that superdome 9000 could have up to 8 cells and 4 12 slots IO chassises in a standard cabinet, so how do these IO chassises connect to those Cells ( which connect to which)? and could this connection be modified?




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Re: Superdome 9000 Cell to IO chassis connection

The output of "olrad -q" (or "rad -q" in HP-UX 11.11) will include both hardware paths (which begin with the cell number) and slot IDs. The slot ID is of the form Cabinet-Side-Chassis-Slot: in a single-cabinet Superdome, the Cabinet number is always 0. The Side number is 0 for the front side and 1 for the rear side. With 12-slot IO chassises, the Chassis number is either 0 or 3, and the Slot number identifies the slot within the chassis. With this information, you can determine the configuration of your Superdome.


The connections are normally decided in the Superdome configuration planning phase, and implemented by physical cabling within the cabinet. I've understood that in a Superdome that is under a HP service agreement, this is not something you're supposed to do yourself: if you want to change the configuration, you should have HP engineer do it.


You can add more I/O chassises by adding I/O expansion units: they fit to a standard 19" rack beside the main Superdome cabinet. One expansion unit is about the size of a rp7410 and will contain two Superdome I/O chassises. The expansion units will have cabinet numbers 8, 9, etc.

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Re: Superdome 9000 Cell to IO chassis connection

Good commands to get information about the configuration are  "cp" and "io" from MP.




MP:CM> io


Cabinet |   0    |   1    |


Slot    |01234567|01234567|


Cell    |XXXX....|........|

IO Cab  |0000....|........|

IO Bay  |1010....|........|

IO Chas |3113....|........|


Here you can see the connection between the cells and the I/O chassis. These connections are directly made by cables between the I/O chassis and the cellboard (connects to the backplane).



By the way, the new superdome 2 works totally different, there is no longer a direct relation between the I/O and the blades.

Hope this helps!

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