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Unexpected HPMC

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Vitek Pepas
Valued Contributor

Unexpected HPMC

My D380 server keeps crashing due to Unexpected HPMC. I kept booting it with different parts removed to determine failing one, but no luck so far.
I noticed I/O module errors in ts99 (attached).
Can anyone explain the messages in tombstone?



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Thatcher Furgerson
Occasional Advisor

Re: Unexpected HPMC


You'll want to call hardware support to get cpu 1 replaced.

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Honored Contributor

Re: Unexpected HPMC

I got the below message when I decode into the HPMS Decoder of K-Class.

Looks like this is a 2 CPUs system
This system is a Unknown type ...
We found a chassis code of 2xxx for CPU 1
This indicate a cache failure on this CPU. Most likely the
CPU 1 needs to be replaced

Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Unexpected HPMC


Just out of curiosity: have you ever had an "expected" HPMC?



Kent Ostby
Honored Contributor

Re: Unexpected HPMC

I agree with Tamil.

The 2xxx is a processor code and CPU 1 is the guy who logged it so its bad.

20b3 in particular is a :

Data cache word 1 parity error

So the data cache chip is dying

Best regards,

Kent M. Ostby
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Vitek Pepas
Valued Contributor

Re: Unexpected HPMC

Thanks guys.
Pete - with this particular server I kind of expect it every time it's booting up :)
D Block 2
Respected Contributor

Re: Unexpected HPMC

Where can I find Code Translations ?

how does one know: 0x20b3 is what?

>>20b3 in particular is a :
>> Data cache word 1 parity error
>>So the data cache chip is dying
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