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can rp5450 be mounted in a relay rack?

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Eric Sproul
Occasional Advisor

can rp5450 be mounted in a relay rack?

I've obtained an rp5450 and a SureStore SC10 disk shelf from another division of my company, and I'd like to know if these chassis can be deployed in a 2-post relay rack. The 1.6M E-series cabinet they originally came in is not optimal for the deployment environment (telco).

I've used adapters from Racksolutions.com to mount ProLiant servers this way, but they don't seem to have anything for 9000 gear.

Has anyone attempted such a mounting? Do you know of adapters that are available so that I can use the E-series rails?

Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: can rp5450 be mounted in a relay rack?

You can't use the rails made for the standard HP rack in a telco rack, obviously, but HP does have a way to mount it in a telco rack.

send me an email, jscott AT sourcedirect.com and i'll fax you the sheet on 3rd party racking products endorsed by HP.

What are the chances...
The Real MD
Valued Contributor

Re: can rp5450 be mounted in a relay rack?

The rails are specific to the newser style racking system. As a cheap alternative you can use static shelf or rack mounted angle brackets.

I hope this helps