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Adding disks to an existing vdisk?

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Matthew Sarro
Occasional Contributor

Adding disks to an existing vdisk?

Hey everyone. Simple question for you; we're looking at deploying a scalable solution for a vendor application. We're eyeballing the MSA2324fc G2 as our hardware. The initial rollout should provide the IOP/s we're looking for, however once things start ramping up I doubt it will be able to cope.
Now, if we attach an MSA70, will we be able to just add those disks to the existing VDISK on the msa2324?

I guess the simplest way to ask this is if you have already created a vdisk, can you add additional disks to it afterwards (not just spares, but actual disks for use).

This is for an oracle ASM install, and we're looking for approximately 4000iOPS down the road. Starting will be well below that.
sam bell
Regular Advisor

Re: Adding disks to an existing vdisk?

Yes, you can add disks to a Vdisk afterwars. However, please note that it is not recommended to use a very large amount of disks for only one Vdisk as with increasing the disks the possibility of a dual drive failure increases as well. At least I would not use RAID 5 for such setups.